The Next Generation Of News Radio

Today more than ever, people are able to easily communicate their thoughts to friends, to communities and to the world. Information can be found in blogs, websites, e-mails, tweets, and status updates just to name a few. There is also no shortage of tools connecting us to this information, whether it is a newspaper, a computer, a smartphone, or a radio.

The radio that many see as a traditional medium is still popular for news, traffic and weather. While radio was the first medium for broadcast journalism, its appeal has diminished with the arrival of the Internet. News reported on the radio simply cuts to the facts without providing much insight. Whereas on the Internet, thoughtful, well-written journalism is being produced every day. Great journalists work hard to provide a compelling story that strikes emotion; a feeling rarely evoked by the radio.

What we need today is a platform that allows thoughtful journalism to be consumed as easily as listening to the radio. This is precisely what Umano has set out to build. Umano takes insightful content found online and has professional voice actors tell the story. The amalgamation of high-quality journalism and convenient delivery is what makes Umano different from traditional radio, podcasts and other audio news applications like NPR.

Today, our vision begins with a carefully designed iOS app that provides a simple experience of enjoying high-quality content with high-quality voices ( Tomorrow, we want to be a ubiquitous platform that can be accessed from anywhere. Join us in our journey to change the world, and let us know how we’re doing, as we’d love to hear from you (@umanoapp).

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