Exciting New Ways to Use Umano for Android

Last week, Google wrapped up it’s annual Google I/O conference with some big announcements that we’re very excited about.  Among the most exciting announcements were the debuts of Android TV, Android Wear and Android Auto. Google is making a very smart bet here: our first interaction with internet-connected devices starts with our own mobile devices. From that point on, every other device can act as an extension of the mobile experience. Android’s TV, watches and cars are the first examples of technologies that extend your mobile experience to work in new and exciting ways for the different situations you encounter daily.


At Umano, we’re jumping at this opportunity to extend your listening experience beyond your smartphone. Umano starts on your mobile device, but with the addition of new technologies that seamlessly connect your smartphone beyond its screen, we’re able to enhance your Umano experience in ways that better suit your everyday life.

Umano + Chromecast / Android TV

Google is making a huge effort to lead in the connected living room space. First came Google TV, then the Nexus Q, both of which found very little success. Finally last year, Google launched Chromecast: a tiny little device that turns your TV into an internet-enabled streaming machine. Building on this product, Google has released a brand new platform that brings Android to your TV.


Why does this matter for Umano listeners? News consumption shouldn’t be confined to the on-the-go experience, with your earbuds hooked into your mobile device. Imagine this: you wake up in the morning and want to get your news right away while you cook breakfast. Perhaps you want to share the most interesting stories with the rest of your family in the living room? Or maybe you just prefer listening to your news with surround sound. We’ve made that possible.

No longer do you have to fuss with connecting your phone to your speakers or home theatre setup! With the latest release of Umano for Android, you can now cast Umano directly to the big screen. This will work on any Chromecast connected TV and will already work with the newly announced Android TVs! 

Umano + Android Wear

Android Wear, Google’s smartwatch platform, made its debut at Google I/O. The watch extends your phone even further by allowing you to receive and respond to notifications right from your watch. Rather than pulling your phone out for simple information like weather, transit times and other notifications, Android Wear simplifies your life by giving you all this information at a glance of your watch.


Umano already works with the latest Android Wear watches, allowing you to control the playback of Umano right from your watch. But this is just the beginning of Umano’s capabilities on the Android Wear. Stay tuned for more functions that will potentially allow you to add articles to your playlist, ‘like’ articles and maybe even comment on articles using voice commands!

Umano + Android Auto

Lastly, Google announced the debut of Android Auto, its in-car operating system, launching with over 40 car manufacturers and media partners. At Umano, we are extremely excited to work as an early partner in this initiative to bring you the best in-car Umano experience possible. Look forward to more announcements on this initiative as we continue to work towards making Umano easier to access from any context in your daily routine.


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